Online anti-social datasets:

The COVID-HATE dataset contains over 30 million tweets related to anti-Asian online hate and counterhate speech.
Bitcoin OTC platform: Fraudsters.
Bitcoin Alpha platform: Fraudsters.
Amazon network: Fake reviewers.
Epinions network: Fake reviewers.
Wikipedia edits: Blocked accounts.
Reddit posting data: Blocked accounts misbehavior.
Wikipedia articles: Hoax articles on Wikipedia.
MOOC platform: Student drop out.
Reddit community: Inter-community (subreddit to subreddit) harassment.

Dynamic networks:

Web of Trust Network: Bitcoin OTC platform. Signed, weighted, temporal.
Web of Trust Network: Bitcoin Alpha platform. Signed, weighted, temporal.
Reddit: Community-to-community link network. Temporal, weighted.
Wikipedia: User to page edit. Temporal, weighted, attributed.
Reddit: User to subreddit posting activity. Temporal, weighted, attributed.
MOOC platform: Student activity. Temporal.
LastFM: User activity (listening to songs). Temporal.

Processed datasets:

Reddit: User and subreddit embeddings.